Mobileiron Wrapped iOS app Failed to Connect the Backend Server

we have an enterprise inhouse built iOS application and one of our client wants to use it with mobileiron. So we wrapped our ios app using mobileiron online wrapping tool and resign the app using their enterprise inhouse apple certificate. Our app is a client server application where the wrapped application connects to the our backend server using MobileIron AppTunnel. Then we uploaded our application to the Mobileiron MDM and downloaded it to a device. Sometime it works without issue but most of the time app is unable to connect with our back-end server. We are unable find the root couse to this connection failure. we found following lines in here and there in our device log as well.

[AppConnect:Status] Checkin time is in the past; attempting checkin.
[AppConnect:Status] (-[AppConnect_impl updateCheckinTimer]) App is not authorized. Must wait for new configs.

Can some tell us what is this error is about? And any guidance to sort this out connection issue?

Involving MobileIron support would be a good idea. (Login to > Cases, if access is an issue then get the customer to log the case).

Try and supply;

  • Unwrapped and wrapped application
  • XCode logs
  • Issue description

Assuming the application only sometime runs on the same device, this will eliminate some of the server side settings.

It would also be useful to see more of the device logs, I expect there is something else we are not seeing in the provided excerpt.

Take a look at the MobileIron documentation around wrapping and identify incompatibilities with the code/libraries being used.

Also run the application through and provide the output. (I doubt there will be any errors here, but check anyway)

If you have access to the App Tunnel Sentry enable verbose logging and capture the logs from both a working and broken device.

I confirm that should be a new support ticket.
However, 2weeks ago MobileIron fixed an issue where 403 errors where not sent to the app (blocked by the wrapper), therefore the re-authentication after a cookie expiration didn’t worked.

Please make sure you have the latest version of the wrapper: 3.1.3


Thanks nicolas for the info. We used MobileIron’s Online wrapping tool to wrap our application and wrapping was done on last Wednesday. We don’t know the version of wrapper since currently we don’t have the access to it. But since it is online tool issue fix could have been already there right?

It should be the last one indeed.

I think you need to open a new case