On-Premise APNs for applications certificate renewal – December 30th,

Great timing by our friends at VmWare… With 2 weeks notice… During Xmas period…

On-Premise APNs for applications certificate renewal – December 30th, 2017 by AirWatch Support

The APNs certificates that AirWatch uses to communicate with the iOS versions of AirWatch applications are set to expire on December 30, 2017. On this date, these applications will no longer be able to receive push notifications from the AirWatch Admin Console. The list of affected applications is as follows:
• Agent
• Boxer
• Browser
• Container
• Content Locker
• Inbox
• Workspace ONE
In order to ensure that you are able to send push notifications to these applications, all On-Premise customers who are utilizing these applications must execute a script on their AirWatch database. This script is supported on AirWatch 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2 environments.

Looks like the script works on older versions of AirWatch.

What is the script ?

Ignore, I got the script with me.
Thank you

I have tested on 8.4.9 on dev but not prod. Risky time of the year to implement…

We are getting mixed reports from AirWatch on how an expired certificate will impact devices. One channel says only Push Notifications for the AirWatch Agent, another engineer says the agent will no longer talk to the console so everything will break. Does anyone else have a view on this? We currently only use the Agent and realise a re-enrolment would be required to fix.

we use Agent only too. I have 2 Environment ( Prod & Dev. ) how can i tested and finaly question…where can i find this script ?:unamused:



This should only affect push notifications to AirWatch Apps. This will not affect a device communicating with the Console as thats handles by the main APNS certificate. https://my.air-watch.com/help/9.1/en/Content/Expert_Guides/System_Settings/DevicesUsers_Apple_iOS_APN.htm

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Anyone feel any impact? We decided to run the script prior to the expiry and seems to be of been ok for us.


Where can I find the script or how can I download? Is it supported for AirWatch 8.4?



This is the KB with a link to the scripts (MyAirWatch account required to download scripts). https://support.air-watch.com/articles/115001659928

This has been tested for 9.0 and above, as 8.4 became out of support on November 4th, 2017. List of AirWatch Console Release and End of Support Dates is here https://support.air-watch.com/articles/115001654148

Hey Adam,
Thank you for your help. I’ll try the script on my system.
However, we are running AirWatch 8.4.9 and we had some problems with the update to 9.2.
Will inform you about results :wink:

Successfully run the script, query executed successfully on AirWatch 8.4.9, apple ios apns for applications are renewed for 1 year (previously they were expired). Thank you once more for your help :slight_smile:
Although executed, still got some problems, AirWatch Inbox and Browser not getting notifications on my iphone devices.

Hi Dexon, can you send push notifications to the devices via the AirWatch Agent? Just interested to understand in more detail about want is not functioning correctly so I can ensure we have no unforeseen issues as we have some devices that have dropped off from the console due to another issue with an Agent version released ages ago. Glad the script worked for you. We continue to have issues upgrading from 8.4.9 and interested to see if we are facing similar issues. Drop me an email if you want to discuss timcsymonds@gmail.com. Thanks