Oracle Mobile App in Blackberry

We are planning to implement Oracle mobile app in Blackberry EMM.Its very secures bank data which the app use .

Since Blackberry Supports appsconfig and oracle also release appsconfig standard app.

What’s is difference between appsconfig and intergrating sdk.

How do we choose Which suitable for Us .

Naveen Senapathy

Experts kindly review this

You’ve not provided much information but to sum it up.

AppConfig = remote configuration of the app depending on what controls the app developer provides
Integrating SDK = integrating controls available by your EMM vendor into your App and controlling them remotely

This really depends on use case, your requirements and what you are trying to achieve.

Thanks for update .Oracle is here ISV for the app.
As per their update this app appsconfig compliant .

But as per our moblitity update that’s its require SDK need to embed in the app.

Which is oracle is not supporting .

In this case how to deploy the app in the EMM

Please let me if you require more information.

Naveen Senapathy

Reach out to your BlackBerry account manager or system integrator. They can show you options on how to integrate the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK into existing apps. For your use case you will most likely end up using They are offering an easy way to integrate the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK into existing apps.