Organisational Group Corrupt

Morning all,

I’ve been tasked to try and resolve an issue on an on-prem WS1. iOS devices are enrolled and have received profiles, apps etc. But they can no longer make changes to any profiles, apps. (See error)

A “new” group has been created and all of the associated profiled, apps work fine. However, the devices in the “old” group cannot be moved to the “new” group. These are critical devices for people out in the field and simply wiping and enrolling into the “new” group is a last resort.
Anyone encountered anythign like this? Any pointers would be very helpful


You cannot just move devices in Workspace ONE, the devices will need to re-enroll to the new OG.
If the devices were enrolled in the top OG, and grouped to a OG below, then they could be moved sideways.