Outlook Configuration on Workspace One

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I configured the Outlook app for Android on Workspace One so that the email address field is acquired directly from the user profile uploaded by AD.
But before the end user enters his credentials I created a staging account that performs the pre enrolment.
The staging account has mandatorily configured an email address that is consequently set on the Outlook app, this address is clearly not the end-user’s one. Unfortunately when I register with AD credentials the email address field is not replaced with the end user’s address and remains the staging user’s address. Any ideas for overwriting the email address of the staging user?
I thought to exclude the Outlook app from the distribution for the staging user and have it installed only by the end user group. But I’d hate not to provide a device that is already complete with all the required corporate apps.

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There might be a better way of doing this.

What is your staging process?
Are you leveraging Android Enterprise?
What type of enrollment method are you using?
What is the make/model of the devices being deployed? Are they part of AER? (https://androidenterprisepartners.withgoogle.com/devices/#!?aer)


I’m using Android Enterprise, the devices are all Samsung A70 with Android 9. The enrolment procedure involves the use of a staging user and the use of the QR code (https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE-UEM/1811/VMware-Workspace-ONE-UEM-Android-Documentation/GUID-AWT-ENROLL-QRCODE.html) . The devices are all brand new or just factory reset.
The WS1 side configuration is User Based and COPE.
I add that I noticed that if I force EMM to install the Outlook app again after the end user’s AD credentials have been entered, the app is configured with the correct email.

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It may be a better option to use Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) for these devices instead of a staging account, so that you can give the devices directly to the users and use the zero-touch provisioning for users to self enroll.

More info on KME here:

WSO doc on this is here:


thanks for your advice. Unfortunately I inherited the project without being able to indicate which solutions to adopt.
I know KME and actually in this case I could have avoided the staging.
Eventually I will try to find out if there will be a chance to introduce KME with the next devices.

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Hi @gmc1979

Interesting issue, I would agree that KME should be looked at as a solution.

Saying this I would not be too worried if a user had to setup and app or two (this would be the case with KME anyway), so looking at an option where you exclude config and/or the outlook app from the staging user would seem to also work.

Are you also using or planning to use O365 mailboxes for this project?



actually the presence of KME alone would not have solved the problem, I would also have to add the Knox Configure. Increasing complexity and costs.
The customer does not consider it a big hassle to install the app only after entering personal credentials. So let’s proceed with this solution for now.
There is a possibility that I’m testing but it has a strange and different behavior from the 2001 to 2004 version of WS1, practically you can create different assignments for the same app, selecting the distribution priority. The screenshot is taken from WS1 version 2004 and it seems to me that they are working to improve these aspects.

So I could create a first rule that installs only the app for the staging user without setting parameters, which then would be set by the other rule dedicated to end users.
Unfortunately in the 2001 version I’m using in production the assignments although they have different app configs join or don’t distribute the configuration according to priority.


PS. I was told yesterday that some users are already using Office 365. So I’ll probably have to manage the distribution soon.