Pokemon Go app concerns

Pokemon GO is the current “app of choice” amongst smart phone users but comes with several issues around potential security and data usage, it has been reported that the app can use 50 to 60Mb of data an hour.
The App is being (or has been very recently) re written to remove the excessive permissions required by the app.

  1. Any person that has installed Pokemon GO on their Apple IOS or Android device using their Google account has by default granted access to all of their Google related data and services. This includes allowing the producers of Pokemon GO potentially the ability to:

• Read email, contacts, calendar, documents, photos etc.
• Reply to email, create calendar events or documents
• Delete email, photos or documents

Removing the app from your device will not revoke the access. If you wish to amend the access following deletion of the app please follow this link https://security.google.com/settings/security/permissions on your mobile

  1. If you do decide to download the Pokemon Go app on your personal device please ensure you download it from a reputable source, e.g. Apple App Store, Google Play Store. There have been instances of modified Pokemon GO apps containing malware causing malicious activity on devices. Some users have created Google accounts just to run the app.

  2. There is a risk of excessive data usage associated with the Pokemon GO app. The app also requires GPS which has an adverse impact on battery life so be aware of this if you are out and about and need to maintain cell coverage.