Prepare for new configuration profile requirements in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey

does anyone know which MDM systems are (not) affected by this message : ?

A profile that contains multiple payloads with the same payload identifier cannot be installed. If a profile fails to install, contact your MDM (mobile device management) provider to ensure that it meets this requirement.

Not sure on the current state, but Intune did not work when tested with beta 1 while Workspace One UEM (Airwatch) did

Hi Darth2021,

Tested in lab WSO env created single profile with multiply payloads, in debug mode in deviceserviceslog observed only unique PayloadUUID within conf profile pushed to test iOS device.

However, in VMware Workspace ONE UEM™ Powered by AirWatch 2102 Release Notes for v21.2.0.16 can see " AAPP-11909: Generate unique PayloadIdentifier in configuration profile on push."

So will patch to latest (atm before Sept.


I heard that BlackBerry UEM 12.15 will bring a fix for that !

Patched lab to v21.2.0.19, according to log PayloadUUIDs within same profile are still unique.

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