Push files to Android using Workspace ONE UEM

I have fleet of android devices with an an app that can be configured with custom settings. During pilot, we’ve been having humans configure the app.
We can configure the app using a config file, but need to find an automated way to deploy that config file to a specific folder on the android device. The app is unmanaged, and installed by default on this device.
Can this be done using Workspace ONE UEM.

TLDR: How to deploy a file to a specific folder on Android, using Workspace ONE UEM Is it possible?

You should be able to use files actions to place files on the file system of Android devices

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Hi uememm,

In addition to Daniil’s recommendation, think it is worth to consider using device’s vendor proprietary config app - for Samsung it is Knox Service plugin, OEMConfig for Zebra, Honeywell UEMConnect etc. Use case should be Android Enterprise, of course.
Benefit of using oem app is more straightforward config and, generally, enhanced set of features.