Remove the Home Icon AirWatch + DEP devices

I have had several requests to remove the Home icon from devices for several DEP deployments, the following is a useful tip to generate a custom profile.
It can also be used for other Icons if you change the bundle Id, will remove the TV icon.

Issue Description
How to disable the iOS 10 Home App and other native iOS 10 apps on iOS devices
Issue Resolution
Currently we do not have the ability to restrict the iOS Home app using a preconfigured payload. However, you can create a custom settings payload to block the Home icon on iOS devices.
On the AirWatch Console navigate to Devices > Profiles />List View > Add > Add Profile > Apple iOS and update General & Custom Settings with the code below. Then Save. Make sure to test the profile before rolling out to all production devices.

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Thanks so much for this info!!! Question. How do you know what the Bundle ID is. I tried to just replace “Home” with for instance “GarageBand” but it didn’t work.

Sorry to keep posting on this. Hopefully you will see it…The issue is the Payload UUID isn’t unique if I add more than one custom setting. How did you generate the PayloadUUID?

Easiest way I have found is to go to the apps tab of a device in the WS1 console you will then see the bundle id, in this case


You can remove applications directly via an iOS profile, just need to configure restrictions

The field is “Hide Apps” and will auto poppulate as you type the app name

If the field doesn’t auto populate the BundleID’s are listed here iOS 12 - List of default apps and bundle ID’s

NOTE: this is only possible on supervised devices

Totally agree with Dan, the profile was the ‘old’ way of removing pre installed apps.

I’m trying to hide phone icon from iPhone but not sure how to disable icon using

You cannot remove the phone app from an iPhone via policy, maybe try home screen layout and move the phone app onto another page.

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We place the icon in a folder and then place it on the last screen. So far it has work. It’s not the best end product but it’s as good as we can achieve given what Apple allows.