The User Enrollment feature coming in the new iOS and macOS

Today we’re using a standard enrollment via link process for managing iOS devices in our org. While we own some of these devices, we do have employees that bring their own iPhone in and want to use it.

We haven’t had any complaints that I know of about the current enrollment process for BYOD. We do push down a VPN profile which it sounds like the new “User Enrollment” won’t allow. I guess we would need to determine how to use the per-app VPN if we wanted to continue down this path.

This blog has a good write up on User Enrollment:

Is anyone planning on using this feature in their deployment?

I’ve worked with a number of industries where users were hesitant to enroll their BYOD devices due to the level of control the org gets from standard MDM enrollment. I think this enrollment method will help drive adoption.

Definitely interested in testing it once the EMM providers build support for the feature.

Until now we promote BB Dynamics in App-Only mode for BYOD to have an enterprise container without any MDM profile on the device.