Unable to login into any Internet webpage using WorxWeb

Unable to login into any Internet webpage using WorxWeb


WorxWeb is using secure browse and the external traffic is sent via a proxy that require authentication. Login attempts into any external website are unsuccessful.


Netscaler does not submit the form data in a POST request after answering authentication challenges for the proxy.

  1. Netscaler submits a POST request that contains form data
  2. Proxy issues authentication challenge
  3. Netscaler answers authentication challenge
  4. Netscaler submits the POST request again after authenticating, however this time form data is missing

This is a known issue with a netscaler, looks like solution is to upgrade to netscaler 11.1

POST content sent by WorxWeb through SecureBrowse for forms authentication is not passed to the back-end server under the following set of conditions:

  • A traffic policy is on the NetScaler appliance routes traffic coming from the WorxWeb clients that connect to a proxy through SecureBrowse.
  • The proxy requires authentication for every request.