Unbind EMM provider

We are trying to implement Blackberry: Android for Work, to be able to start using DTEK60 handhelds devices.
A number for Google account and services is needed and among those a connection between Google and Blackberry as an EMM provider.
Doing initial configuration, an error was made when trying to connect our domain to the Google Android for Work configuration, in regards to setting Blackberry as EMM provider.
Now the Admin console at admin.google.com informs me that:
Manage EMM provider
Your currently selected enterpise mobility management provider is:
BlackBerry Ltd.
The authorized service account credential:
Invalid Service Account! Please contact your EMM provider for more details.

I can’t unbind the connection from the admin console at Google.
and when I try to run the installation guide, its fails at number 49
Guide Link: http://support.blackberry.com/kb/articleDetail?articleNumber=000037748

How do I unbind the EMM provider connection?
Some webpages refers to a the link in admin.google.com where you can unbind, but that link isn’t there.
I have tried to contact Google, but they havn’t replied .
The same with Blackberry :frowning:

Anyonr using Android for Work and Blackberry?

I finally gone it to work.
I had to have Blackberry, remove the failed binding. After they did that, I could redone the installation guide and then it works.


Yes, you did right. Only EMM provider can help on this case and they can completely unbind the account from their side. Even we faced the similar issue and EMM provider helped us to remove the details.