Windows Phone 8.1 woes

We have found that Windows Phone 8.1 devices are often reported as non compliant with respect to passcode policy and reported as not having a passcode on the device.
We have found that roughly 50% of devices are incorrectly reporting their password status.

AirWatch have finally created a known issue ticket CMDM-196092 around this issue, the ticket specifically state GDR2 devices, but the problem affects other versions.

We have also found that these devices do not check in as expected and the AirWatch agent needs to be run on the device before it will check in.
We can find no correlation between device types, meaning it is across the board. We have two 920 devices from the same batch bought at the same time, one gives problems the other does not.

AirWatch have also created a problem ticket CMDM-195560 around Windows phone 8.1/10 passcode polices not being detected in AirWatch v8.2

AirWatch have indicated that this problem has been resolved in AW 8.2FP02
This has been an ongoing problem since the first WinPhone 8 devices were enrolled.