XenMobile Android file policy to deploy data to external storage cards

Hello everyone,

I am using this environment

XenMobile Server Version: 10.11 RP1.
Deployment: on premise, MDM only.
Devices: Android SM-T365 and SM-T395 Tablets.
Netscaler: SDX 8200, NS12.0 51.24 nc.

and I am trying to deploy Data to mobile Android devices via MDM. It is possible to push data to the internal storage with an Android file policy. But I have to push data to one specific folder on an external storage (SD card), which doesn’t work. I created an Android file policy with the following configuration:

File to be imported: .zip
File Type: File
Replace macro expressions: OFF
Destination Folder: Add new %Flash Storage%
Destination File Name:
If file exists: Copy file only if different

The path name to the external storage card seems to be different on every device model and manufacturer. I already tried the following folder names:


None of file policies worked. Some file polices showed errors in the delivery group, some are pending since several hours.
Does somebody know the right path to address an external storage card with Android SM-T365 and SM-T395 Tablets?

Hi Jeff,

Your config is a bit confusing:
“Destination Folder: Add new %Flash Storage%”

So “Add new”
“%Flash Storage%”

Have you tried most simple one:

Destination folder: “%Flash Storage%” (selected from dropdown)
Destination file name: [empty]
If file exists: “Copy file only if different”

Is folder name known prior to push?


Hi Greg,

thanks a lot for your post.
Looks like the path ‘%Flash Storage%’ chosen from the drop down menu saves the file only on internal storage (and not on the external storage card).

I chose this confusing config because when I use ‘Add New’ I can add an already existing destination folder. The file still gets installed on the internal storage but at least in the right destination folder.


Hi Jeff,

How your Android device enrolled? Sorry for asking if you already posted it.
If it is work profile, can you please confirm using a file browser app that you can see sd card while in work profile?

I believe it is relevant, unfortunately have issues with test env so cannot fully prove. But, hopefully, it is relatively easier for you:
enroll as AE DO - test
enroll as AE WP - test


Hi Greg,

my Android Device was enrolled in legacy mode (Android device administrator), so there was no possibility to use an AE policy. But I opened a Citrix Support Call back in February:

“Since every SD Card has its own unique number and path, Engineering confirmed we cannot have a Generic Path for external storage. We do not have an option to store files in the SD Card through Secure Hub.This is unsupported.”

So there is no way to store files on a SD card for Android legacy devices. But your idea for Android Enterprise might work. I will register for AE and test this asap.


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