Intune Company Portal 1.7 released for macOS

Microsoft have released Intune Company Portal 1.7 for macOS.

This version of Company portal allows for installation of Line of Business (LoB) apps for macOS from within company portal.


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Hi @daniil_michine

Is there a way in Intune to push .SH file ?

I have couple of enterprise softwares which need few additional script/commands to be pushed when installing apps.
For e.g:
hdiutil attach confer_installer_mac-
cp -avf “/Volumes/CbDefense- Install.pkg” /tmp
cp -avf “/Volumes/CbDefense-” /tmp
sudo “/tmp/” -i “/tmp/CbDefense Install.pkg” -c ‘iuhfoiewhiuwhehifhw@’

I am not able to achive the above from intune.

I don’t think it’s possible to execute a script via intune, however you may be able to create a package (.pkg) file that executes a script as part of install.

I’ve not tried this so unsure if it works.