New Exchange Active Sync settings for iOS - only for iOS13/iPadOS13?

Apple recently updated the documentation for email profiles for iOS: There are a number of new settings.

  • EnableCalendars
  • EnableCalendarsUserOverridable
  • EnableContacts
  • EnableContactsUserOverridable
  • EnableMail
  • EnableMailUserOverridable
  • EnableNotes
  • *EnableNotesUserOverridable
  • *EnableReminders
  • *EnableRemindersUserOverridable

Does anyone know if these settings apply to iOS13 and iPadOS13 only? Or can these settings be used with older iOS versions?

I have checked the current Apple Configurator release 2.9, and these settings aren’t included there.

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This is iOS 13+ only, settings are available in Apple Configurator 2.10

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