Profile cant installed (WiFi & Exchange) - AirWatch



may be somebody have the same issue…
since monday we have problem with installation from profile on our devices. (ios & android). All profile with any restrictions installed fine but profile with ertificate for our wifi and exchange is doesnt worn anymore. I have already call with support but they have no idea. we reinstall awcm and acc but it doesnt help.!

I checked our certificate settings in console settings and it has connection.

Can anybody tell me what can i do ?




Please check for a single device if you see the profiles with certificates in the “more”, “Troubleshooting”, “Commands” section and/or “more”, “Troubleshooting”, “Event log” - both under device details view.

Are your profiles “On-hold” ?



Hello Peter,

no its not “onhold”. After 10-15 Minutes we received error message. This was my old envirnoment and I move yesterday our db on new servers (cs & dc ) now is installation of profiles works fine but we have another issue :unamused:


Your environment is on-premise or SaaS?
if on-premise, look at the server if all AirWatch services are active
If it is SaaS see if the profile distribution group is collecting the devices