Profile cant installed (WiFi & Exchange) - AirWatch


may be somebody have the same issue…
since monday we have problem with installation from profile on our devices. (ios & android). All profile with any restrictions installed fine but profile with ertificate for our wifi and exchange is doesnt worn anymore. I have already call with support but they have no idea. we reinstall awcm and acc but it doesnt help.!

I checked our certificate settings in console settings and it has connection.

Can anybody tell me what can i do ?



Please check for a single device if you see the profiles with certificates in the “more”, “Troubleshooting”, “Commands” section and/or “more”, “Troubleshooting”, “Event log” - both under device details view.

Are your profiles “On-hold” ?


Hello Peter,

no its not “onhold”. After 10-15 Minutes we received error message. This was my old envirnoment and I move yesterday our db on new servers (cs & dc ) now is installation of profiles works fine but we have another issue :unamused:

Your environment is on-premise or SaaS?
if on-premise, look at the server if all AirWatch services are active
If it is SaaS see if the profile distribution group is collecting the devices

Hello, actually we have same issue in our environment. May I know how you was able to fix it Dimitrij?

For us it looks that the certificates are being generated by authority, but they are not delivered to the device.

Thanks for any hint.

Hello Ragnar,

it was Airwatch device root certificate which are not installed on my device Server. I reinstall it and ist work fine.

Hi RagnarBlack

Did what Dimitrij specify help your case? I’m having the same issue Dimitrij suggestion didn’t fix mine, on the DS servers, I can see the “AirWatch Device Root” on all the boxes.

Was wondering if you had to tweak something else to get your profiles with certs going. Currently when i push a profile with a cert, I get one of 3 errors:

“Error while impersonating administrative user \account: Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer”
“Exception occurred generating certificate request”
“Received a failure response from AWCM.”


actually we had the problems towards the communications to the end point devices (tablets in our case)

Check this issue:

Here I describe what helped at the end of the case. We are still awaiting some tech info from VMWare what are the impacts.

Thanks I’ll give it a shot. In your post, you mention the DS only but not the console server. I had a look and found the same setting there so I’ve changed that to false also. Will monitor and see.

Good luck. We are still awaiting for some technical feedback on this issue.

Hello All,

We are facing the same issue. WiFi profile with user based certificate is very inconsistent. There is no pattern so far. It may or may not install on the devices. We rebooted all the servers and still have issues. VMware support is taking too long to analyze the verbose logs. Anyone remember how they fixed the issue ? I will try changing the value in webconfig file as soon as VMware confirms that it will not break anything else.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.